Oh F*#K It's Monday

1,000 Milles!


By the end of today, I will have put about 1,000 miles on my car driving to shows this weekend alone. Saturday night I went all the way out to St.Bonaventure University, which is way down in the Southwestern corner of NY State, and then I went out to Somerville, MA for the Boston Comedy Festival! Had a great time both nights, but damn I’m tired of driving!

Saturday was great! I headlined the Bona Comedy Fest at SBU. It was a 2 day event featuring stand up, improv, as well as some other forms of comedy and I closed it all out with my performance Saturday night. I was really nervous about performing at a Catholic University because although I’m not a filthy comic, I thought maybe the tolerance level for certain topics would be really low. They were surprisingly very open-minded and receptive to all of my material and it was a great show. I was very happy about the way it turned out and it gave me a nice boost of confidence in my ability to entertain all different types of crowds. The students all seemed to have a great time and I got a bunch of follows on Twitter, IG, (even Snapchat which I barely use and they reminded me that I need to get with the times and become more active on there… I’m trying! Lol)

Last night I performed at the Davis Square Theater in the Preliminary Round of the Boston Comedy Fest and ended up advancing to the Semi-Finals! (GO ME!) Of course I’ve been in other competitions before, but the BCF is pretty prestigious and just making the cut to participate is an achievement in itself. There are so many good comics here from all over the country and I’m proud to have advanced on from 96 to be in the top 24 in this year’s festival. I really wish I could stick around and just hang out/network with some of other comics here, but unfortunately I have to go back home for work before returning to perform in the next round this Thursday at 9PM.

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