Oh F*#K It's Monday

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Is this thing on?

I graduated from A. Philip Randolph CHS 12 years ago! Typing that sentence right there made me feel old as dirt! Old folks, please save your comments about how you graduated in an era before Twitter and Youtube were even invented (HAHA). I know I'm not really that old yet, but lemme have my moment…
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My Site Is Back Up!

Ok! I've got some good news, some bad news, and some GREAT news!   Good news: Obviously my website is finally back up and running. It got hacked and some people were trying to put some really nasty stuff on here. Fortunately, my team and I were able to get it taken care of. On…
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My New Webstore is Live!

#OFIM It's a cloudy and grey day in good ol' Whitesboro, but I'm feeling good because I've got some exciting news to share today! My webstore is finally up and you guys can buy some #OFIM tees to cure your Monday blues! Check it out at shop.ajfostercomedy.com and buy some gear! Help a brotha out!…
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Dear Whitesboro

Lemme make one thing clear: I am in NO WAY trying to start a race war! I do NOT condone or promote violence to any group of people. My picture is a parody of an offensive image. I am mocking that seal for what it appears as, regardless what the backstory or intended visual is…
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