Oh F*#K It's Monday


Festival Bug

OFIM! So I didn’t win the Boston Comedy Fest (Frownies!). It was fun while it lasted. I honestly didn’t think I would win before it all began anyway. It wasn’t until I did so well in that first round that I started to think “Hey, I might have a shot at this!”. That 10k grand…
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1,000 Milles!

OFIM! By the end of today, I will have put about 1,000 miles on my car driving to shows this weekend alone. Saturday night I went all the way out to St.Bonaventure University, which is way down in the Southwestern corner of NY State, and then I went out to Somerville, MA for the Boston…
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Thank you UD!

OH F*#K, IT'S MONDAY! Another great weekend in the books. I'm in Delaware right now after opening for Jay Pharoah at the University of Delaware last night. Had so much fun and I really enjoyed the hell out of that crowd so THANK YOU students of UD! Performing at colleges is always a challenge because…
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Welcome to my new Website!

Welcome to the new ajfostercomedy.com! One of my priorities this year was making sure my online presence grew accordingly as my career does. This website refresh was long overdue and I hope the new site is much more visually appealing as well as functional for all visitors. Take a look and tell me what you…
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