Is this thing on?

I graduated from A. Philip Randolph CHS 12 years ago! Typing that sentence right there made me feel old as dirt! Old folks, please save your comments about how you graduated in an era before Twitter and Youtube were even invented (HAHA). I know I’m not really that old yet, but lemme have my moment right now.

I’m reflecting on my high school days because next week I’m attending an alumni gala at my alma mater in Harlem. Specifically, this even will be a 25th anniversary celebration for Sound Business Institute (SBI) which was an in house program I was apart of while I attended school there.

SBI was much more than just a college and career preparatory program. In addition to giving me the business skills I needed to begin my post secondary school and start my adult life, but it also helped to spark some of the creative expression that led to the birth of my stand up career.

I entered high school a shy kid, but the friendships I made during my time here helped me to open up to the world more. I performed in many showcases at school and even started hosting talent shows. After just a taste of spotlight, I left that school craving more shine and one year later I was making my first television appearance on a show on MTV called “Yo Momma”.

I could go on and on, but my first draft got deleted and I don’t remember what I wrote the first time so I’m just gonna state my call to action for the whole class of 05′. If you were a member of SBI, come join me at the Gala next Thursday (5/18) and we honor the program and its long time fearless leader, Mr. Charles Thompson. Tickets and event info available at the link below and if you can’t attend, but would still like to send a donation you can also do so below. (Donations accepted by all: even non alumni/program members.)

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