Oh F*#K It's Monday

Miss Universe Mix Up

Steve Harvey is a much better man than me! If that had been me hosting the Miss Universe Pageant... Miss Colombia would've really won! She was taking that crown home if I just announced she was the winner. That was very responsible of Mr.Harvey to clean up his mistake and fix it all. Cuz a brotha like meeeeeee.... "ain't no mistake bihhhhh!" #PliesVoice  
I don't have the testicular fortitude to own up to that mistake on live television in front of millions of prime time viewers! Not gon happen! Especially knowing the social media backlash that's sure to follow the next day. They not gon slander ME on the timeline for days to come. No thank you! Miss Philippines, you just gotta take that L and try again next year. Better luck next time sweetheart!

It was an honest mistake though Steve! I don't blame you. I blame whoever's job it was to print the name on that card they gave you. Who writes the runner up's name and not the winner??? And did any of you see the card? "Miss Colombia" was down in the bottom right hand corner and "Runner Up" was waaaaayyyyy up in the top left hand corner in the tiniest font known to man. Steve is pushin 60... pretty sure his eyes don't work that well. How bout we utilize some more of that empty space on the card and print the names in some of those big ol' Jitterbug phone text sizes!

They set you up for failure OG! On the bright side, you'll get some great stand up material out of this or a great talk show segment at the very least, but kudos once again for making it right because it couldn't have been me. Someone else would've had to break that news. And if no one else stepped up to the plate then let that confetti drop while I say "Goodnight folks! See ya next year! Happy Holidays!"

Speaking of holidays... No shows this weekend while I spend time with my family. Next show is NYE at Diapolo's in Rome, NY. Tix available HERE!

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