Oh F*#K It's Monday

The Auburn Public Theater

Omg! This place is such a nice, intimate venue. Why haven't I heard about this place until now? Thanks to Moody McCarthy for recommending me for this gig. I had such a great time opening for Chaunte Wayans (who is such a wonderful person and you should all support her whenever you see a project she's involved with) and the people of Auburn were so fun.

I did manage to keep my inner Wayans-groupie in check because I know Chaunte is forging her own path and not just relying on her last name to succeed. She's  doing a great job at it if I must say so and I can't say enough about how talented and genuine she is. You go girl! My wife loves her too btw and I think Chaunte made her temporarily gay because she kept talking about how beautiful she was all the way home (and not in that playful way that women like to compliment each other either) ?
The show was absolutely great. I did so well that the directors at the APT invited me to come back and headline my own show sometime. So I'll be looking forward to making that happen as soon as next year. For now, my next show won't be until after Thanksgiving for another Clash of Comics at the Syracuse Funny Bone. See my Facebook page for event details and coupons for free tickets!

Still working on getting my tshirts up on the site for online orders. Just making sure I approach this in the best way to make it efficient and have the right logistics in place to handle the orders once they start coming in. Also gonna order some 2XLs for my thicker fans. I've been getting the requests and I hear ya loud and clear.

Bye for now, til next Monday! Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. And oh yea... tune in to that Mark Twain Prize ceremony on PBS tonight at 9pm!

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